Our Design Mantra

  • We believe your home should make you happy.
  • We believe organic and hand crafted can be life enhancing.
  • We believe that HAPPINESS flows from good design and does not necessarily involve a lot of expensive stuff.
  • We believe in creating spaces that feel lived in.
  • We will help you to see color in a whole new light!
  • We believe our lighting solutions will always make you look the best ever.
  • We believe pets and children do make a home.
  • We believe we can mix, match, up cycle, renovate, rejuvenate to conjure up a breathtaking space.
  • We’re passionate about reinventing interiors and believe that pushing the boundaries will totally reinvent your space into one that you will love and never want to leave.



Julia Sarungbam

I was looking for an interior designer to save me the time and hassle of decorating my new apartment as I’m a busy working professional. We had a couple of preliminary consultations to pin down what my husband and I wanted before the work started. Start to finish it took 4 and a half weeks for the living room , two bedrooms and kitchen to be handed over to us. Very professional experience and it was great fun shopping for the look with the designers!


With Studiomarigold, I'm part of the creative process. So not only is my interior design unique, it's also uniquely me. The end result is not merely a design statement, but a reflection of my identity.

Joel Moss

Studiomarigold listened to our ideas, determined our style tastes and came up with a complete solution which included furniture, fabric, paint, artwork, kitchen/bathroom materials and hardware.


Studiomarigold was super to work with from concept to final product. Their keen eye and expert design sense is beyond compare. They were such fun to work with as well as being a true professional.

Mithun Gopinath

Studio marigold did a great job in designing the complete furniture, furnishings and artwork in my 4 bedroom apartment. My family and I love the look, functionality and comfort of the place and if we ever plan to redecorate we’re going to call you guys back.

Abhinav Varma

I got in touch with Studio Marigold as I really liked their designs which are very different from the standard assembly line furniture.I wanted a laid back Mediterranean vibe in my new home and you guys really nailed the look.The place is just stunning and I'm sure my family will love it.


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Let's Socialize

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