Make a personal statement in your Living Room

Hi folks.let’s talk about the most popular space and the heart of the home -the living room.

If, like most people, you don’t have a separate den, drawing room, entertainment area etc then the living space is likely to get a lot of traffic in the home. If you have been with us earlier you may have already read about the basic tenets of furniture arrangement  and understanding your personal style,  Now let’s look at what makes the space beautiful and your very own personal statement.

1.Less really is more in many ways

Zen and the art of clutter free living…. Choose a smaller sofa, place pieces away from your walls, use few accent pieces of repurposed furniture for a customized look .The perks?-easy on the eye and easy on maintenance ☺ A well designed room is not just what’s in it, but what’s not there.

2.Merge design styles

One of the keys to living room decorating ideas is creatively merging couple of contrasting styles into a harmonious union as this is fundamental to exceptional design. So keep your eyes open and achieve mastery of what blends and what doesn’t

If you already have standard catalog furniture try to pair it with a repurposed wooden table, or perhaps add some colorful ethnic rugs, cushions and artwork. Mixing and matching pieces from different styles enable a multi-dimensional look. Ensure that the shapes, textures, colors and scales of all the pieces are carefully considered with each other and the space.


3.Add foliage in your living room

If you want an immediate infusion of chlorophyll -the life giving force, into your living room, add some well designed indoor greenery. In rooms with mostly neutral colors, the pop of green from your planter or terrarium will brighten up your room while adding visual breathability

4.Replace the multimedia unit with a vintage sideboard

A high tech TV and multimedia unit are part of many living rooms and although TVs are difficult to plan around, you can integrate it into your living room design by using a sideboard instead of a readymade multimedia unit. Even if you don’t have a TV in the living room a sideboard offers a lot of space on top for accents – or even a large mirror.

5.Add a personal touch

The growing options of online interior design, as well as accessibility of affordable assembly line furniture and decor, have led to many living rooms that look overly manufactured and cookie cutter images of each other. Any authentic living room decorating ideas should have some personal touch.If you have kids, then this is your moment to imprint their life into your home. You can post up your children’s artwork or memorable family photos as a wall gallery..

Have a lifelong passion? Why not make this clear in the design of your living room? For example, if you love travel, fill your room with maps, guide books or a globe.

6.Use a statement side table and pouf

If your living room includes only the usual pieces of furniture and decor – coffee table, sofa, rug, and floor lamp addition of  statement side tables and poufs can easily remedy your barren living room landscape.

The great part is that poufs and side tables offer some of the widest variety of options to choose from. You can elect for an ethnic muda, organic tree stump,  repurposed pinleg table, or more.


7.Put up a carpet or rug on the wall!

A technique that is trending again is hanging up a beautiful rug on your living room wall. This can be a creative way to transform the appearance of the room by adding color warmth and texture to the overall design. The right rug for this method has to be considered carefully , as some rugs (such as those with tassels and medium to high piles) work better than others. Also consider the space you have and the rug dimensions so that it fits in well,

8.Decorate with books

If you love reading like so many of us you may want to surround yourself with your favorites at all times Create a tablescape, by arranging a light stack of beautiful books as an accent on your coffee table and display your favorite literature or personal interests. You can also setup a wall shelf and decorate it with a few loosely arranged books held in place with an artistic bookend. –

9.Let there be light!

We have said this before and will continue to harp on this most important of décor elements When we light spaces we never want to over light them, as shadows create mystery and drama. In order to achieve this effect, there are three categories of interior lighting you need to know about: ambient (or general), task, and accent. A successful lighting scheme requires a combo of all three. If you have pre-installed lamps on the ceiling as part of your apartment/house, chances are they are standard issue fittings. Replace them with your choice of ceiling lamps for a statement look that can complement your room.

To creatively brighten your room, you can try something non-traditional, like strung exposed lights .


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