Shivani Bali – Hyderabad Public School House

When my family I moved into the heritage home HPS house, we were delighted with  the light, air and space of the building.And it was surrounded by the most beautiful gardens on all sides.However decorating the huge house and giving it a cosier ambiance was a massive and daunting task.A friend recommended Studiomarigold to me as we wanted someone who would understand the very special decorating style of this heritage house.We wanted to retain as much of the original furniture and furnishings of the house with a contemporary vibe added on where possible and relevant.Therefore many of the old pieces were restored and revamped to bring out the beauty of the wood and craftsmanship. Additionally rearrangement  and styling of the furniture, carpets, paintings, lights draperies etc have all made this large old home a beautiful warm space to live in.We are now looking forward to hosting friends and family here so they can enjoy this place as much as we do.!

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