StudioMarigoldKinderen® is a design + build company dedicated to creating economically and ecologically sustainable kids spaces and products. To create a safe world within a polluted world.

Our furniture and furnishings are unique, imaginative, attractive and eco friendly. Our furniture line is crafted from sustainably-harvested wood. The commitment to safe furniture and furnishings therefore, begin with the material and through the stages of construction. Our skilled artisans build to last. You will not find cam locks or a box full of parts with a confusing foreign assembly guide. Almost everything is fully assembled and ready to use for years.We are constantly learning about new materials and construction methods in order to come up with products that appreciate with time. Delivery is direct, and installed in your home.


We do not use inexpensive synthetic materials and  toxic quality paints. Yes, MDF, laminate and particle board mass produced to appeal to the widest demographics do keep prices Low, but compromise on durability, longevity and safety. We do not compromise with long term value. We do not offer financial options to make the job of selling easier. We do not trap our customer by offering payment through installments and leverage a default to increase our payout.

We take care of the business ecosystem

Design Process & Ideation

The design process is led by architects and industrial designers who love the art and craft of working with wood. The solution often lies beyond the set parameters of the brief given to us by the client.  We believe that design at its best needs to solve problems and create opportunities and to do so one must have a clear understanding of the involved ecosystem. Our structured research oriented problem solving approach enables us to deliver the best possible end product. We are constantly experimenting with new material and construction methods in order to come up with products that appreciate with time.

Play. Grow. Create. Children learn and develop by playing. StudioMarigoldKinderen®   create products to encourage creativity and growth. We see a child’s table not only as a place to study but also as an integrated and playful element of each room. It can be a new creative territory which looks good and is flexible and adaptable for many children’s needs. Our design is functional and playful. We strive to create quality design and to keep it affordable. Our aim is also to create furniture which can appeal to both children and adults – a good design which will last for many years.


Our furniture is designed according to established safety standards. We care deeply for the health and safety of our children and we choose materials suitable for them. They are non-toxic, low VOC and 100% HAPs free (Hazardous Air Pollutants). We always try to design a great looking object. But behind the appearances there is a great amount of engineering and thought going into every detail, accessories, even packaging We work with artisans and help curate their work by blending it with current trends, to create on-trend as well as classical pieces. All of our goods are manufactured by the same production workshops. Working throughout the year with the same craftsmen and the same materials will guarantee you an optimal quality.

Client interface USPs

  1. We personalize every project and product to individual clients designs requirements and budget.
  2. All furniture furnishing and accessories are individually handcrafted by artisans [not mass produced assembly line objects]
  3. Delivery and installation is done personally by our team.
  4. Interaction at all stages of ordering, concept, production and installation is personalized.
  5. You can connect with us[real people] at anytime. You will not be put through to an impersonal “helpline”